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The Leventis Foundation is a charity committed to training farmers in modern and sustainable agricultural practices in Nigeria. It operates six farm schools across Nigeria and the training programme delivered emphasizes sustainability of production systems, entrepreneurial skills acquisition and the rational use and preservation of natural resources.  


The Leventis Foundation is the 100% owner of Sunvit Agro-Industrial Company Limited, the operator of Weppa Farm. Since 2006 the Leventis Foundation, from its own resources, has invested significantly in Weppa Farm with the aim of developing a leading agricultural enterprise, focused on agricultural excellence, sustainability and the development of its people. The Leventis Foundation is keen to see agricultural development, rural employment, national food security and local processing of raw materials. Currently, all funds generated are re-invested into the development of Weppa Farm and once fully developed any surplus will be used to expand the operations of the farm schools. 


For more information on the work of the Leventis Foundation visit:  

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