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During the colonial era, the land that was to become Weppa Farm was part of the Orle River Game Reserve. It was transformed into an agricultural lease by the then Bendel state government in 1974. 


In the 1980's rice and maize were successfully cultivated on over 3,000 hectares of land. A rice mill and par-boiling plant together with a maize grits plant were installed on the farm. However, due to inconsistencies in government policy in the 1990's, operations were forced to shut down. The industrial plants were moth balled. 


It was acquired by the Leventis Foundation in 1999 and was initially used as a farm school. However, the new owners soon realised that there was much greater potential in developing the farm commercially, so in 2006 the development of Weppa Farm as a mixed commercial farm began. 



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